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The HPCP provides also a forum for the collaboration of the development of theories, researches and clinical practices for the first time in the history of psychotherapy, counseling and psychiatry. The need for collaboration in these three related professional activities have been taking place as often we see good researches that were conducted as a result of the formulation of bold theories which themselves were often formulated as a result of insights gained from clinical practices and there have been new publications such as the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy and Neuropsychotherapy in Australia, which have started to address some these collaborations.

Although practitioners, researchers and academicians from these three disciplines are related with the vision of the provision of effective therapy for patients with psychological disorders and the promotion of good mental health, until now, there is no platform for them collaborate. Recent development in neuroscience and neuro psychotherapy and psychiatry has provided the timely opportunity for these collaborations to take place.

We therefore welcome clinical practitioners, researchers and thinkers in the field of Psychotherapy, Counselling & Psychiatry to contribute your dialogue and your work in the areas of theoretical developments and formulations, researches or/and clinical practices to the HPCP.

International Editorial Board

International Handbook of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry:
Theory, Research and Clinical Practice


ISPCP 2013